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Patient has Right to Choose their Hospice providernot the doctor, nursing staff, hospital or anyone else, it is the patients’ right…

Join Our Team and Become Part Of Accredited Hospices of Americawe have the most experienced and caring staff in the industry – join us…

Covered by Most InsuranceYES! most insurance companies cover the cost of our services and we can help you through the process…

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Why Choose Us?

  • Patient care is one of our top priorities.
  • Our skilled team includes leading physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, chaplains, social workers and certified nursing aids.
  • We don’t hire contract labor like many companies do.
  • We have experience caring for hospice patients.
  • We coordinate our patient care plans with doctors, hospitals and facilities
  • We cater our plans to meet each individual’s unique health situation, which we discuss with you, your family and caregivers.
  • We provide hospice care in a variety of locations, including your home or a facility.
  • Our quality medical equipment comes at no additional cost.
  • Hospice has been accumulated through Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance companies over a lifetime.

Houston Hospice and In-home Health Care

A patient and his or her family are the only ones with the right to determine which hospice best meets their needs. As a patient, you’re the one who can choose a hospice provider—your physician can’t do that for you. The Patient Self Determination Act of 1990 ensures that you get to make all the decisions regarding your healthcare. No other else should or can make decide for you. It’s vital that you maintain control of your health care decisions. You should only make a decision after you’ve seen all options. Don’t rush to make these decisions or let someone coerce you. No

Accredited Hospices of America in Houston will coordinate with your physician. Our medical team can manage your care, or your physician can oversee your care with us.

Hospice care comes in a few different levels. Some facilities offer respite care, which gives family caregivers a much-needed break. Routine hospice care can be provided in the patient’s home or in a facility of their choice, like a nursing facility. Our Medical Director will inform you if continuous care is necessary.

Our team comprises compassionate professions, who focus on patients, providing physical, mental, spiritual and emotional support.

Don’t make hospice care decisions last minute. It is the most important decision someone with an advanced illness can make. Deciding to use hospice care early on can help in continuing the quality of life. Make the choice to utilize hospice care before you absolutely have to, so you can give peace and comfort to patients and their loved ones.
Hospice is usually covered by insurance. After being diagnosed with a serious illness, you should start utilizing hospice care so that quality of life can be addressed early on. Hospice’s goal is to provide an increased quality of life and make the best of each day.

Houston Hospices provide compassionate end-of-life care to patients throughout the Greater Houston area. Our goal is to relieve suffering and improve the quality and dignity of life for people with advanced illness or those nearing the end of life. We help manage the entire spectrum of challenges and needs related to a terminal diagnosis. It is our objective to help reduce the stress and pressure on our patients and their families, so they may make the most of their remaining time together.

Your staff was amazing with Dad. I knew he was getting the very best care and y'all treated him with dignity in a rough situation. I would recommend your company to anyone needing hospice services.

Billy F.
Houston, Texas

Our family truly appreciates everything you did for mother. She was very comfortable with the nurse, who was very sweet, and I know it really helped. Such a tough time, but you and your staff made the experience less stressful and you were so caring. Thank you again.

Alexis D.
Houston, Texas

Our need for hospice came very quickly and without warning. Jerry and his staff were simply amazing. We were not prepared for any of this and had so many questions and concerns. You handled everything with expertise and compassion for the situation. We know mom got the best care possible and a grateful for that. We would recommend your services to anyone with that need.

Bethany L.
Houston, Texas

Hospice is covered by Cigna, TriCare, Medicare, Blue, Cross, Providian, Medicaid and many others!